Week 1 Fall/Winter 2011

Very softly we started the Fall – Winter 2011 of the Brooklyn League with a different format and in a new location in Williamsburg : a huge sports bar called 4th Down on N4 street between Bedford Av and Driggs Av . 6 players gatering to play the 3 machines World Cup Soccer, WWF Royal Rumble and Avatar . Steven Bowden took lead on 1st week thank to his performance on Avatar ( 1st place ) and the 2nd place on WCS , Francesco La Rocca (organizer and director of the league ) follow very close with a 1st place on WCS and a 2nd on Avatar and Alberto Santana is in 3rd thankx to his 1st place on WWF . Frank Romero , Steve Marsh and Eddie Cramer complete the list of players . Long way still ! Hopefully we will get few more players :))

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