Final week

So is over . After 10 weeks the 1st Brooklyn Pingolf League is over . The last day we started at 7 :30 pm most of us and we end around 1 :00 am . The last week was the one with all scores doubled so many players had hard time to reach those score . 19 players out of 20 were present . Sean Grant after leading all season won the league and his score last week was 25 !! Steven Bowden finished 2nd , while Frank Romero earned the 3rd place and Koi Morris 4th . All those players received trophies and PAPA entries . Joe Said (creator of the site ) and Francesco La Rocca (organizer ) were 5th and 6th . Mike Pantino was the only one that gained a position jumping up to 10th place . 4 players had and ace on last week ( Steven Bowden 2 times, Sean Grant, Joe Said and Francesco La Rocca ) . All machines pretty much worked well ( only Lord of The rings gave us lots of trouble ) .

Allen Cihak was there all time and my personal thanks goes to him 🙂

Thank you all again 🙂

Sean Grant and Steven Bowden 1st and 2nd

Bob Sovatsky and Daniel Berman 8th and 7th

Kris Medina,Ed Rojas,Matt Fein and Allen Cihak

Mike Pantino,Stephen Volz and Eddie Cramer

Neal Jonas,Sergio Salerno ,Dahlia Rowan and Ed Hourigan

Francesco La Rocca 6th,Frank Romero 3rd,Koi Morris 4th,Joe Said 5th

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