Goodbye World Poker Tour – Results from week 3

I’ve managed to install a table manager for word press so the results will look different from now on AND Francesco can update the website so you’ll see the results much sooner!

This week was a little different having World Poker Tour out of commission so we only had 8 holes this week. We are up to 26 people and we are just about at capacity! .. Hopefully everyone can come a little earlier so we can finish by 11pm this Thursday. We are implementing a 9pm practice cap .. that means that after 9pm you can’t practice, everyone needs to be playing a hole!

For week 4 we have a new addition! .. Iron Man! .. goodbye World Poker Tour. Francesco and I played a bunch of games to determine the target score for the new table and our average was 8,300,000 .. not too hard if you get multiball going. The table is really bouncy so! .. come early to get some practice in.

This week it was Steven Bowden on top with 14! .. Nice job Steve.

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