Pre-season party at Fratelli

Thanks to everyone that came to the party on Sunday!  We had a really great time and managed to come up with the target scores for season 1!  We had everyone play all 9 games and averaged the scores to come up with par for each hole! and here they are …

(FG) Family Guy – 18,700,000
(PotC) Pirates of the Caribbean – 10,500,000
(LotR) Lord of the Rings – 21,800,000
(WPT) World Poker Tour – 17,700,000
(BBH) Big Buck Hunter – 10,500,000
(Sop) Sopranos – 23,700,000
(TAF) The Addams Family – 54,400,000
(SPP) The Simpsons Pinball Party – 7,300,000
(RfM) Revenge from Mars – 54,000,000

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