2011 Spring/Summer PinGolf Rules

1)  The league will start at 1:00 pm and end at 11 :00 pm on thursday . Also on wednesday will be possible to do make ups or play for the week from 4 :00 pm until 10 : 30 pm .This league consist of 9 weeks plus the final week for all players split in groups of 4 if possible.Days can change with a notice of 1 week at least.

2)  Any player during that time can come and play all available machines.Anyone can practice on the machines until 9:00 pm ,after that time you Must play your games.

3)  At least 1 of the officers must be present to certify your scores.

4)  Each player plays for the target score (Pin Hole) indicated for each game. The number of  balls played to reach the target score will be counted as strokes (Pin Stroke).

5)  There is a course maximum of 7 Pin Strokes per Pin Hole. If the player does not reach the  target score after playing 6 balls (2 games) then he will be recorded as 7 Strokes and  must move to next game.

6)  If a player earns an extra ball this will not be counted as an additional Pin Stroke, but  rather as a continuation of the current ball being played; no one can ‘buy-in’  an extra ball.

7)  If a player reaches the score and other players are waiting he/she must stop playing and let other players play.

8 ) Anyone caught cheating will be get the maximum (7) strokes in all Pin Hole’s for that  week.

9)  Tilting someone else’s ball will result in 1 stroke penalty for the offender. The player  whose ball was tilted will wait until their turn is up again and play with 1 stroke  subtracted from their score.

10) Slam tilting a game in progress will result in a 3 stroke penalty.

11) Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.

12) If a player plays someone else’s ball then he/she will get 1 stroke penalty.

13) If a player cannot show during the day of the league he/she will be able to do a  make up set for the missed week but for all missed weeks the player will get the maximum strokes (7) for the Pin Hole that had the lowest stroke average amongst the other league players that week unless 1 of the machines is broken, in this case that machine will be out automatically.  All the other Pin Hole’s the player will be able to play them as normal.

14) All players will receive a t-shirt during the 10th and final week.

15) During the season the owner of the place has agreed to give a special discount for the  league players on food and drinks there. Any one can bring their own drinks.

16) At end of 9 weeks the top 4 players will play a final set to compete for entries  to PAPA 14 the World Pinball Championship in August in Pittsburgh. Also winners will  receive trophies.The target scores in the final week will be doubled.

17) All players will receive World Pinball Player Rankings points. This will apply for players that have played for at least half of the season +1 week (6 weeks ) .

18) Cost of the league is $30 that can be paid in 2 separate weeks.  Players must pay at least $15 on their first week of play and the rest by the 5th week of league play.

19) Players can sign up for the league during the first 5 weeks of play but the player will be subject to penalty strokes for the missed weeks, and will need to do a make up set for the missing weeks.Anyway all players MUST play all missing weeks before week 6 so on week 5 everyone must have played all their games for all 5 weeks .If someone did not play all his games by week 5 then he/she will get 7 strokes for each avalaible machine for the missing week \s. No make ups for week 10 !

20) If any machine has a malfunction the officers may decide to cancel that Pin Hole for  that week, especially if that will prevent the player to fairly attempt the Pin Hole.  The owner of machines will always be there so he will attempt to fix the machine  if possible.

21) The final will be played on week 10 between the top 4 players of regular season  (the ones with the lowest Pin Strokes) for the win of the league. Scores are cumulative, so the final week will be added to previous scores.All other players will be split also in groups of 4 (5th-6th 7th and 8th position etc…).

22) If any ties are present to qualify for final then a sudden death Pin Hole will be played.

23) All decisions of the officers are final.

24) Every week you can follow results right here on pinballbrooklyn.com

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