2011 Fall/Winter Rules

1)  The league will start at 6:00 pm and end at 11 :55 pm on tuesday . This league consist of 7 weeks plus the final week for all players .Days can change with a notice of 1 week at least.

2)  Any player during that time can come and play all available machines(3 ) .Anyone can practice on the machines until 8:00 pm ,after that time you Must play your games.

3) Every player will play the 3 machines 2 times and all scores will be recorded . The best scores on each machines will get 25 pts , then 20 for the 2nd place , 15 for the 3rd ,14 pts for 4th etc… so maximum in a week a player can get is 75 points (25×3). You Must play with at  least 1 of the other member of the league .

4 ) Extra balls : no extra ball can be played .If you get an extra ball you must plunge it .Where possible extra balls will be set on “off” .

5)Anyone caught cheating will be get a 0 (zero) for that  week.

6) Tilting someone else’s ball will result in a 0 point  penalty for the offender. The player  whose ball was tilted will wait until their turn is up again and play again all game.Slam tilting a game in progress will result in a 0 point  penalty.

7) Bang backs and death saves are not allowed.

8) If a player plays someone else’s ball then the game will be replay where it make sense .

9) If a player cannot show during the day of the league he/she will be able to use the previous scores (average of the 2 of them )  for the missed week .If the weeks are more than one than the average score will be split in 2 if the week missed are consecutive.Only 1 score can be use as average. If that score has to be use for another machine then will be use as average of the average.

10) At end of 7 weeks all players will be split in group of  4 based on their performance during the season .Winners will  receive trophies.On  the final week everyone will play the machines 2 times but top 4 wich they will play 3 times.

11) All players will receive World Pinball Player Rankings points. This will apply for players that have played for at least half of the season +1 week (5 weeks ) .

12) Cost of the league is $20 .  Players must pay at least $15 on their first week of play and the rest by the 4th week of league play.

13) Players can sign up for the league during the first 4 weeks of play but the player will be subject to penalty  for the missed weeks, and will need to do a make up set for the missing weeks by playing 1 set of 2 games on each machine and then use the average of the scores .

14) If any machine has a malfunction the officers may decide to cancel that for  that week, especially if that will prevent the player to fairly attempt a good score .  The owner of machines will always be there so he will attempt to fix the machine  if possible.In that case the following week that machine will be played 4 times or another machine will be use ( even if it is the same ) .

15) The final will be played on week 8 between the top 4 players of regular season   for the win of the league. Scores are not cumulative..All other players will be split also in groups of 4 (5th-6th 7th and 8th position etc…).

16) If any ties are present  for final then a 1 game  will be played before the finals .

17) All decisions of the officers are final.

18) Every week you can follow results right here on pinballbrooklyn.com

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