Steven Bowden wins the Brooklyn Pinball League!

After 8 weeks of plays in 2 machines (World Cup Soccer and Avatar) in Williamsburgh at 4th down sports and bar, 4 players made it to the final: Steven Bowden, Frank Romero, Alberto Santana and Francesco La Roccaorganizer of the league.

The  format used  during the season was that you had to play 2 times each machine and then get the best score  where high score of week would have get 25 points, 2nd place 20 pts, 3rd 15 then 14 etc. For the final both machines where played 4 times! Last games were played on Avatar and everyone still had chance to win but Steven Bowden defended his lead by finish 2nd with a total of 84 points for the night (out of possibly 100 ) and so was crowned as winner of the league.

Thanks to his great score on last game Frank was able to finish 2nd ending with 73 points, while Alberto beated Francesco by 1 point (70 points vs 69 ). Eddie Cramer finish 5th and Steve Marsh 6th! The top 4 players got plaques and PAPA 15 entries. Great going all!

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Mid Season ( weeks 2 to 5) Fall/Winter 2011

Hello all. So the league is almost at end. In those last weeks one of the machine failed so we had to play double times same machines in alternate weeks . We are having lots of fun .Steven Bowden is leading very strongly follow now by Frank Romero who just got 2nd position since Alberto Santana didn’t show up this week. Francesco is in 4th with Eddie 5th and Steve Marsh 6th. 2 more weeks before the finals . Both Eddie and Steve Marsh can still make to the finals ! Good luck all !

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Week 1 Fall/Winter 2011

Very softly we started the Fall – Winter 2011 of the Brooklyn League with a different format and in a new location in Williamsburg : a huge sports bar called 4th Down on N4 street between Bedford Av and Driggs Av . 6 players gatering to play the 3 machines World Cup Soccer, WWF Royal Rumble and Avatar . Steven Bowden took lead on 1st week thank to his performance on Avatar ( 1st place ) and the 2nd place on WCS , Francesco La Rocca (organizer and director of the league ) follow very close with a 1st place on WCS and a 2nd on Avatar and Alberto Santana is in 3rd thankx to his 1st place on WWF . Frank Romero , Steve Marsh and Eddie Cramer complete the list of players . Long way still ! Hopefully we will get few more players :))

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Final week

So is over . After 10 weeks the 1st Brooklyn Pingolf League is over . The last day we started at 7 :30 pm most of us and we end around 1 :00 am . The last week was the one with all scores doubled so many players had hard time to reach those score . 19 players out of 20 were present . Sean Grant after leading all season won the league and his score last week was 25 !! Steven Bowden finished 2nd , while Frank Romero earned the 3rd place and Koi Morris 4th . All those players received trophies and PAPA entries . Joe Said (creator of the site ) and Francesco La Rocca (organizer ) were 5th and 6th . Mike Pantino was the only one that gained a position jumping up to 10th place . 4 players had and ace on last week ( Steven Bowden 2 times, Sean Grant, Joe Said and Francesco La Rocca ) . All machines pretty much worked well ( only Lord of The rings gave us lots of trouble ) .

Allen Cihak was there all time and my personal thanks goes to him 🙂

Thank you all again 🙂

Sean Grant and Steven Bowden 1st and 2nd

Bob Sovatsky and Daniel Berman 8th and 7th

Kris Medina,Ed Rojas,Matt Fein and Allen Cihak

Mike Pantino,Stephen Volz and Eddie Cramer

Neal Jonas,Sergio Salerno ,Dahlia Rowan and Ed Hourigan

Francesco La Rocca 6th,Frank Romero 3rd,Koi Morris 4th,Joe Said 5th

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Results for week 9

The busiest week of the season is over. Sean Grant won by 1 point on Steven Bowden the week ( 16 vs 17 ) and Daniel finish 3rd . Next week we will play only wednesday for make ups until the finals on Thursday june 30th. All machine worked and Iron Man is back !

All positions are pretty much reachable besides the top 2 ! So we should have a superfun final week !

Thank you again everyone .

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Results for week 8

So week 8 is over and all machines were working perfect . This week we played only tuesday and wednesday and actually many players did not showed up so lots of make ups for next week . Steven Bowden had great week(2 Grand Champions on Lord of The rings and Scared Stiff !!) and gained 8 points with a 21 on Sean Grant (who finished 3rd this week  with 29).Frank Romero (2nd this week with 27 ) gained few points over Koi for 3rd and Francesco is now close to Joe for 5th place . Last week before the final will decide lots of things .  Good luck everyone .

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Results for week 7

And another busy week is over this was the split one in 2 days . Sean Grant again won the week with a 12 followed close by Frank Romero with 15 and Steven Bowden 16 .All positions haven’t changed much . 2 machines were down (Lord of the rings and Sopranos) .Next week we will play only tuesday and wednesday while the finals will be play thursday june 30th .

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Results from weeks 4 – 5 – 6 (mid season)

Brooklyn Pingolf League week 5

Hey everyone . A little blog about what happened in the past weeks .

Week 4 was the week of 3 machines down with Sean Grant managing to get a 9 (!!) and Robert Sovatsky 13 and lots of people showed up to play .

Week 5 saw the arrive of a new machine(Scared Stiff with a target score of 6,600,000)  that replaced Iron Man (sigh) and was the little celebration of Steven Bowden’s birthday thanks to Vito and Patricia, Eddie and Dahlia.Steven B. also managed to win the week with 19. This also was the week that we started to play on wednesday for make ups and 2 players decide to not coming anymore for personal motifs (Ben and Will ) .Watch the video that Eddie made 🙂

Last week (very busy also )  Sean Grant won again the week . Frank Romero was able to put Grand Champion on Family Guy and beat Sean ‘s record from the afternoon.

We also decide to move the last week (number 10 ) from the 23rd of june (we will play for make ups on wednesday the 22nd)  to the 30th and make sure everyone will be there because of time needed to make t-shirts .

Thank you all

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Goodbye World Poker Tour – Results from week 3

I’ve managed to install a table manager for word press so the results will look different from now on AND Francesco can update the website so you’ll see the results much sooner!

This week was a little different having World Poker Tour out of commission so we only had 8 holes this week. We are up to 26 people and we are just about at capacity! .. Hopefully everyone can come a little earlier so we can finish by 11pm this Thursday. We are implementing a 9pm practice cap .. that means that after 9pm you can’t practice, everyone needs to be playing a hole!

For week 4 we have a new addition! .. Iron Man! .. goodbye World Poker Tour. Francesco and I played a bunch of games to determine the target score for the new table and our average was 8,300,000 .. not too hard if you get multiball going. The table is really bouncy so! .. come early to get some practice in.

This week it was Steven Bowden on top with 14! .. Nice job Steve.

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Results from week 2

Thanks again! .. We had a really busy night! Welcome newcomers, Stephen, Matt, and Ed! Check out the standings and results:

I’ve managed to do the basic math that it takes to calculate the player averages .. check out how everyone is doing:

and yes, nice job Sean Grant with a 15! and Steven Bowden with 3 Aces!

and thanks Mike P. for clogging up Lord of the Rings with your high score game!

thats just ball 2 ..

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